Residential Electrician with Competitive Rates & Clear Quotes

One of the benefits of choosing McClerklin's Electrical Service for your residential electrician, is our upfront pricing. We provide estimates for electrical work that is fair and competitive, and with our upfront pricing means you know what you are going to pay before we start the job. At McClerklin's Electrical Service, we only work on those items that require work in order to do the job, so you never have a bill that is padded with extra, unnecessary work. McClerklin's Electrical Service is locally owned and operated in the Columbia Metropolitan area. Our electricians can assist you with all things electrical – accent lighting, tripped breakers, security lighting, and installing electricity to new remodel jobs.


Emergency Services with McClerklin's Electrical

McClerklin's Electrical Service offers emergency electrical services for unexplained power outages, lightning damage, and wind damage. You can experience problems with your electrical wiring and outlets at any time, which is why we provide prompt service with a licensed electrical professional. Our experts know what to look for when an emergency occurs and will deliver fast service plus suggestions to prevent future electrical issues in your home or business. 


New Residential Installation Services

McClerklin's Electrical Service offers services for new installation for a variety of home projects. Dealing with the installation of new ceiling fans, lighting, or hot tubs can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Several complications can happen, which is why hiring a professional is important. With McClerklin's  Electrical Service’s help, your new electrical work will be working perfectly and up to codethe first time. We offer services for:

Specific electrical services include, but are not limited to:

  • ARC Fault Breakers

  • Sub Panels

  • Correct Bad Wiring

  • Holiday Lights

  • Receptacle/ Switch Replacement

  • GFCIs

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Dimmer Switches

  • Electrical Water Heaters

  • Surge Protection

  • Recessed Lighting

  • Ceiling Fans Lights Fixtures

  • Track Lighting

  • Flood Lights

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Under-counter Lighting

  • Replace Ballast

  • Security Lights

  • Sconce Lighting

  • Generators

  • TV Mounting

  • Telephone/ Cable

  • Home Electrical Inspections

  • Electrical Child Safety

  • Electrical Code Violation

Diagnosis and Repairs

Many electrical problems can be avoided with proper maintenance from a licensed and experienced professional. Let the experts at McClerklin's Electrical Service help! We offer diagnosis services for electrical problems that can be dangerous for you and your family. Professional diagnosis will provide you with options for repairing or replacing damaged wiring or cables. Dealing with wiring problems is common in our line of work, which means we will provide answers to all your questions and offer solutions that meet your budget.

Safety First

Keeping your home safe is easy with the proper tools and professional help. McClerklin's Electrical Service performs safety inspections for your electrical components and ensures all code specifications are met. Whether you are buying a new home or selling your current one, scheduling a safety inspection will guarantee all electrical connections are safe and up to code. Safety inspections identify where problems exist and offer solutions to correct any issues.

McClerklin's Electrical Service takes safety one step further by offering childproofing services for your electrical outlets. Children are naturally curious, and an electrical outlet draws their attention quickly. Keep your children safe by doing more than just popping plastic protectors in your outlets. We will protect your children against dangerous electricity night or day with our childproofing electrical outlet services.

Surge Protection Services

Electrical power surges are another occurrence that happens at any time without warning. A surge can last fractions of a second but can cause immense damage to your home or business. Flickering lights are just a small hint when a power surge occurs. Wind and lightning can wreak havoc on power lines and leave you without power, but what about the damage afterward?

McClerklin's Electrical Service offers surge protection services to keep your home safe against unexpected power outages and electrical surges. Storms aren’t the only thing that can cause outages or surges. Damaged wiring or blown breakers can also lead to devastating surges and power outages. Protect yourself with our surge protection services and keep yourself safe when disaster strikes or electrical failure occurs.


Cabling and Wiring Services

McClerklin's Electrical Service offers services for the cabling and wiring for your phone, TV, and data in your home. Home theater systems, telephone jacks, and satellite/cable services require complex wiring and cables. Handling the connections for any of these items requires knowledge and experience, which only an experienced professional has. We have licensed electricians who know how to install new or replace existing cabling and wiring quickly. We will ensure your home or business is ready for the latest technological advancements in telephone, television, and data cabling and wiring.