Experienced Professionals

At McClerklin's Electrical Service, we have been providing service to the residents of Columbia, SC for over twenty years. We have a reputation in the region for providing professional service at a reasonable cost. We understand our clients are unique, and we work around any specific needs they might have. Our commercial services we offer to clients include:

  • Lighting Maintenance: Commercial buildings require constant maintenance of their electrical circuits to ensure that they remain in efficient operating shape.

  • Generator installation and maintenance: Experienced teams work on backup generator systems as well as service older generators to keep them in working condition.

  • Energy management services: Commercial energy management deals with monitoring consumption and suggesting how businesses can utilize their electrical usage better.

  • Repairs and inspections: Buildings require inspection certificates to operate to code. Our experienced teams are versed in performing an on-site inspection as well as any repair services that may be required on the wiring or electrical infrastructure of the building

  • Led Lighting Retrofits


Choose McClerklin's Electrical Service for Your Commercial Electrical Needs

We believe our client’s electrical needs come first. Our teams are trained to spot problems and deal with them as they work. Electrical issues within a commercial building can lead to severe safety problems such as fire or shock hazards. These problems can come back to haunt the business and lead to massive amounts of downtime. Preventative maintenance is always better than trying to fix a problem.  We work with all sizes of electrical installation, ranging from small businesses to large-scale enterprise-level plants. Working alongside an electrical contractor with a longstanding reputation for following electrical codes and regulations is in your best interests. We’ve dealt with hundreds of customers in the region, and every one of them can attest to the professionalism and quality of service we provide.